Significance of research using samples

Medical research to develop new methods of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Anticipated research content

For example, by examining a wide range of genes in tissues, we aim to discover abnormalities related to the development of cancer and to produce research results useful for cancer prevention. We will also develop biomarkers for early diagnosis by analyzing blood samples. We will develop new anti-cancer drugs by investigating the molecular mechanisms that suppress cancer cells by correcting genetic abnormalities in cancer. We will also attempt to optimize treatment methods by investigating genetic abnormalities that predict the effects of cancer drugs in advance.

Tumor cells are extracted from tumor tissues and maintained as “cell lines” for a long period of time to investigate the efficacy of anticancer drugs. Tumor tissues are also transplanted into experimental animals to study the molecular mechanisms of cancer metastasis. Such cell lines and tumor tissues are also stored in biobanks for a long period of time and used for various medical researches.
Science and technology, including medical research, are constantly advancing. Therefore, they may be used for future research that does not exist or is not specified at present.
The results of the research will be published in academic journals and presented at conferences.

Research over the past half century has resulted in the development of many preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic methods. By utilizing the samples and information from the biobank, we can continue to develop medicine in the future.

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Drug discovery using samples

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