What is Biobank?

A biobank is an infrastructure for research that collects specimens such as blood, urine, and tissue and provides them to researchers at universities, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and diagnostic reagent manufacturers in Japan and abroad. Rather than collecting specimens for each individual study, specimens are collected in a biobank and then provided to various research projects so that they can be used efficiently and without waste.
In addition, by standardizing the collection and storage methods and improving the quality, it is possible to conduct higher quality research.
This is why biobanks are said to be the key to promoting medical research as a whole in an efficient and organized manner.

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About our biobank

Tochigi Cancer Center The Tochigi Cancer Biobank was established with the aim of contributing to the development of medical research by using valuable specimens and accompanying clinical information received from donors for joint research with universities, research institutions, and companies in Japan and abroad, and by providing them to researchers in these organizations.
Based on the concept of a “living biobank”, the Biobank provides samples that have been cryopreserved in special media for tissue and cell preservation, in addition to samples that have been flash frozen without the use of conventional culture media, in order to preserve “living” and “functional” samples.
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With the cooperation of patients who have consented to the use of their blood and tissues for medical research, the blood, tissues, and associated information will be stored for research purposes and will be used for various studies.

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Form of provision

The specimens from the biobank are provided in two forms: as joint research with the Center and as donations to researchers. Necessary procedures differ depending on the type of donation.

figure Type of research/provision Ethics Application Utilization screening Contract review
distribution Provision to Japan Ethics Committee of your institution Distribution Review Committee Biobank Secretariat
Overseas Offerings
Common Research Common Research Tochigi Prefectural Cancer Center Clinical Research Review Committee Joint Research Review Committee
Research within the Center Tochigi Prefectural Cancer Center Clinical Research Review Committee unnecessary

Ethics/Information Protection

Principles for Using Biospecimens and Medical Information for Medical Research
When biospecimens and medical information stored in the biobank are to be used for medical research and development, we will confirm that the following requirements are met

The content of the research must be reviewed and approved by the Ethics Review Committee to ensure that personal privacy is strictly maintained and human rights are respected.

The methods and objectives of the research to be conducted must be appropriate and scientifically useful.

The donor should be able to refuse or withdraw at any time from the use of the biospecimens and medical information provided for research.
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2021/4/1 Tochigi Cancer Biobank was opened.

Conference Exhibition and Presentation Information

2021/6/3-6/4 I will give a poster presentation of biobank introduction at the 28th Annual Meeting of HAB Research Organization.

Link to Tochigi Prefectural Cancer Center

The following link will take you to the Tochigi Cancer Biobank page, which is operated by Tochigi Cancer Center, an independent administrative institution.

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